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Okay I missed on last month

Okay..this blog think is for the birds….it really has no value to me at this point…except to have a webpage with links that make it easy to find product sales…so needless to say…no more post unless I want to post….


It’s only the 2nd and I am already behind.

Okay, so the planning didn’t get gone and I am already behind.  Yesterday was my Great Niece’s birthday and no card was sent…I just didn’t get to it, and still don’t have one made and will not get one made today so it will have to get made tomorrow.  I really need to try and get ahead of the game but some how I keep putting myself behind the game.  Something has to give as it seems like I am getting more tired as each day passes.  I am not sleeping well at night is my best guess, so that needs fixed, but not sure how at this point.  I have a dance tonight, which I really don’t want to go to but have to since I am the club president.  I am planning on running this year but next year will be out of the question with the up coming workload that is going to take place.

Well, I really need to get a list together and get my act together as I have a house to clean and get sold.

Well, ending for now…Happy New Year everyone.

Only a few more hours f 2014

Well there is only a few more hours in 2014.  I have the New Year’s Eve dance hams cooking and the lettuce cut up.  Still need to whip the butter….so after this post, I am off to whip the butter.

Happy New Year everyone.


Okay…I placed a stampin up order and forgot the hostess code…that just frustrates me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

okay the month is almost over and today is Thanksgiving.  It has been a long day and if my sister had not helped I would still be doing dishes or cleaning.  Autumn is always awesome an helping a hand when ever possible.  I was a long day today and I have to work tomorrow and Danny is already asleep so I am going to call it an early night.

What a weekend

We spent the weekend dancing and had a great time, however we did come home early as Danny’s knees were hurting and well so were mine and I was dead tired.  Here are a couple of photos from the weekend.  For some reason I had a heck of of time getting photos as most of them ended up blurry.  DSCN1273 DSCN1284

The nerve of some people….

Well I must say it really makes me mad when people think it is okay to manipulate and deceive people for their own gain.  To me these people are in the same class as sex offenders as they have no conscious or respect for other.

Yes I am venting and I am guessing at this time no one in the world will read this but I am not listing names or circumstances that has set me on this rant today. 

Today is the last day of the month…

Well, here is the last post for this month.  Maybe I will find a photo to add…let me look. 🙂

IMG_4764This is the fourth of July Demo group.

Well…I am tired and it has been a long weekend.

Well the weekend is almost over, I ended up working all weekend long and I am tired.  It was not fun and I am not nearly done.  Well that is it for tonight’s post.

Where did the month go?

Okay, it is almost the end of the month and I am now just getting around to posting.  SO far, I am reasonalbe good on keeping up with having a least two post a month with at least one of the post having pictures.  I am not posting photos today but hopefully will get some of Mary this weekend so I will post those.

Talk to you all next week.