It’s only the 2nd and I am already behind.

Okay, so the planning didn’t get gone and I am already behind.  Yesterday was my Great Niece’s birthday and no card was sent…I just didn’t get to it, and still don’t have one made and will not get one made today so it will have to get made tomorrow.  I really need to try and get ahead of the game but some how I keep putting myself behind the game.  Something has to give as it seems like I am getting more tired as each day passes.  I am not sleeping well at night is my best guess, so that needs fixed, but not sure how at this point.  I have a dance tonight, which I really don’t want to go to but have to since I am the club president.  I am planning on running this year but next year will be out of the question with the up coming workload that is going to take place.

Well, I really need to get a list together and get my act together as I have a house to clean and get sold.

Well, ending for now…Happy New Year everyone.


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