Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy New Year!

Well 2013 is just about over and 2014 is knocking on the door.  I can hardly believe that the year has already come and gone.  I started out at the beginning of the year committed to making sure I posted to this blog at least twice a month.  I made it through that resolution so now what for the new resolution is….I guess the one thing is now to keep up at least two post a month…so maybe I should add to that, that at least one of those post needs to have photos….so that is the new resolution for 2014 — two post a month with a least one of the post having photos. 🙂


1/2 way through December

Well we are 1/2 way through December and this is the first post this month.  I didn’t finish the list of thanks in November so here is the final thanks for the month of November:

29.  I am thankful for Holidays as it brings happy and smiley faces of young and old.

30.  The internet, it allows me to work from home when it is the middle of the night so I am not in my scary office by myself, I can find any recipe that I am needing and it allows me to see photos of family and friends that I would otherwise not be able to see.

That’s it for this post.  Most likely will not post any more today but I will have another post before the end of the month.  Have a enjoyable holiday everyone.