Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, it is the day for feasting and the family did eat but I still have enough leftovers to keep us feed for weeks if I could my hubby to eat leftovers and some of the things he isn’t fond of such as stuffing.

Well, now to pick up where I left off on my thank you’s.

17.  I am thankful for my sisters.  Both Autumn and Margo are willing to help whenever they come to a family gathering.

18.  My Husband, he is so patient and willing to put up with me when I am tried and fussy and not always so kind.  He must really love me.

19.  Color pages and crayons that keep the kids busy while I finish putting together dinner when they are hungry and don’t want to wait any longer.

20.  Vacuum cleaners that can pick up the crumbs that the kids leave along with all of the pet hair that our loving pets shed.

21.  Traeger grills, I love my traeger grill is always ready to help create an outstanding meal that everyone loves…and well the clean up is easy.

22.  Hobbies that keep the dark days bright as when it is cold or rainy it life can be depressing but as long as you have something to do inside where it is warm helps make those days better.

23.  All the great artist that are willing to share their knowledge.

24.  The Hallmark Channel being committed to the family and for providing Christmas movies for an extended period of time.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I love listening to Christmas music and watching movies no matter what time of year it is.

25.  Christmas…that is the day my savior was born.

26.  Disposable plates, flatware and cups….there are less dishes to wash after a family gathering and less work and worry for my wonderful hubby.

27.  Cleaning products such as vinegar, dish soap and laundry soap…they help keep things clean, bright and shiny. 

28.  Furniture that has leg rest so that I can just sit and relax some with my legs up.

Well enough for today.


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