More things that I am Thankful for.

More things that I am Thankful for:

5.  My health.  Yes I may have high blood pressure, but the meds are keeping it under control which is great.

6.  Our loving pets.  Mini drives me nuts at times as she loves being in my lap all the time, as for boots, he loves tormenting daddy which makes me laugh at times.

7. Laughter, it is what helps us keep our sanity and get through the long rough days.

8.  Family, the are always there to help celebrate the good times and hold you up in the hard times.

9.  Technology, it is something that we once didn’t have but now can’t live without.  It might drive us nuts at times, but without it, I would have no job and finding information about anything would be more time consuming.

10.  Frozen foods, yes I love to cook but after a long day at the office, it’s not as easy as one would think to come home at 6 pm and try to get dinner on the table…the frozen meals and vegetables sure make it easier along with reducing the number of trips to the store.

11.  My auto-mechanic, he is there anytime I need him to fix the problems with the car that would keep me from being able to get to work or out to play.  It may cause some but he is always good about not over charging me, not all mechanics are that way.

12.  Hallmark channel and Christmas movies.  Yes they play the same movies over and over, but they are always good, clean and up lifting.  I know I usually end up crying no matter how what the movie is, it always touches my heart in some way.

13.  Great hobbies, I love scrapbooking, it is a way to help remove keep me from being a part of technology then a use of technology, it gives me something to do when there is nothing else to do and the days are dark and rainy, it gives me a way to be creative and remember the past memories, good and bad and putting them all into what they really mean today.  I love square dancing, it is a great way to exercise and spend time with my loving husband.  The other dances are always supportive even when I am down.

14.  The teachers that believed in me even though I didn’t believe in myself.  I would have never got my degree without them believing in me and encourage me to return and continue as they knew I could do anything that I put my mind too.

15.  The flowers and trees that bloom in the spring and then loose their leaves in the fall.  They make things beautiful and full love live.  They remind of us that even though there are dark days, bright and happy days are just around the corner and we can get there if we just hold on a little while longer.

16.  The Pacific Northwest, after being in Oregon and Washington for most of my life the short times that I have lived in other parts of the country sure make me realize who much in love  am with the Pacific Northwest.  The flowers and trees, the mountains and ocean, are all with in reach every day of the year no matter what the weather looks like.  The greenery is always abundant even when the flowers are sleeping for the winter.

Well, that is now 16 things…more in a few days.


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