So…why is it that I buy things for card making

Well, I noticed over the last several weeks/months that I have purchased and continuing to purchase a lot of card making supplies.  I don’t do much stamping when I am working on mini-albums or full scrapbook patches, but I have almost all of the Stamp’in Up ink colors, many of the Tim Holtz ink colors, and of course the stand inks for heat embossing and stamping on things like acrylic….additionally, most of the stamps I have would be more for cards then scrapbooks, with the exception of a very small number that would work well with Project Life.  Now lets add to that, a large number of dies that are just for cutting out cards.  So why am I thinking about this stuff now? Well, it is because I really don’t make many cards, it took me hours to make like 4 Thank You cards this week.   The cards I have made over the years at various classes are all sitting in a couple of plastic bags in my studio and not getting used.  I am just not into getting cards out to people.  At one time, I was really good about making sure that I send family members Birthday and anniversary cards and the like but I haven’t done that in years.  Maybe I need to start again (as in sending out cards), but what it that is going to motivate me to actual do that?  ….organization? well that might help….maybe the creation of extra cards so that I don’t have to wonder when I am going to get the time to make one or some….

Well, will have to right more later. I have to go right now. 🙂


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