Monthly Archives: September 2013

Wow…what happened to the month

Well September is over half over and it has been a busy month.  For the last week we were in Eastern Oregon fishing.  The fishing was not good again this year.  I really hope that this year they get lots of rain and a good snow pack as the lake was extremely low and it really needs water.  It was hotter then heck so after 3 nights we moved from Unity Resivor to Walton’s lake as it is high in elevation and cooler, but no hook ups.  The fishing there wasn’t any better so we came home 3 days early, but that’s okay as I now need to get ready for Open World.

Got to end for now as I need to get things washed and packed for the next trip.


September is here and school has started

Today was the first day of school for many of the school age kids in the area.  I must admit that I don’t miss having to get kids ready for the start of school.  🙂

In little over a week, we are off on our annual camping trip.  I am looking forward to just getting away and spending some time with my wonderful husband.  I just hope the fishing is better this year then it was last year as it was disappointing for Danny to not be able to catch the fish that he was hoping to get.

Well, of to start planning for the trip.