August is here and the weather is still warm

Well, it is now the 10th of August and we have had really no measurable rain in well over a month.  The weather has been unusually warm.  As it has been overly warm this year all of the produce is on early so I am finishing up the canning of the beets today and the canning of the tomatoes will beginning soon.  I have a wonderful husband who is so helpful.  He cooked the beets, peeled them and washed all of the jars that I needed.  I sliced them and made the brine and they are now in their water bath for 30 minutes.  The first batch that I did a few weeks ago, we had 18 pints and this batch has 16 pints so that is more then plenty of pickled beets for the year.  I really have to work on cooking more this next year and not eating out as much.  I know eating out is what helped put the weight back on after working so hard to loose it.  Well, need to close for now as I need to take Mom to the Comcast store to get her cable modem replace as she dumped water on it last night and well then to the AT&T store to get her a new phone as she hasn’t had a new phone in over 4 years…so it is time.

Enjoy summer!


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