Monthly Archives: August 2013

Summer is almost over

Well it is now the end of August, so summer is almost over.  Where did the summer go….who knows.  I just know I didn’t get as much done as I should have.  I still have way to much junk at the old house that I need to go through and get rid of…it will all get done in time.  The first part of the summer was busy working on the wedding reception and then the thank you cards.  I still have 4 cards to go out, 2 for the bird bath and 2 for the flowers.  Well, maybe I will do those tomorrow night, as tonight I am ready to go to bed as I am really tired.

Good night everyone. 😉


August is here and the weather is still warm

Well, it is now the 10th of August and we have had really no measurable rain in well over a month.  The weather has been unusually warm.  As it has been overly warm this year all of the produce is on early so I am finishing up the canning of the beets today and the canning of the tomatoes will beginning soon.  I have a wonderful husband who is so helpful.  He cooked the beets, peeled them and washed all of the jars that I needed.  I sliced them and made the brine and they are now in their water bath for 30 minutes.  The first batch that I did a few weeks ago, we had 18 pints and this batch has 16 pints so that is more then plenty of pickled beets for the year.  I really have to work on cooking more this next year and not eating out as much.  I know eating out is what helped put the weight back on after working so hard to loose it.  Well, need to close for now as I need to take Mom to the Comcast store to get her cable modem replace as she dumped water on it last night and well then to the AT&T store to get her a new phone as she hasn’t had a new phone in over 4 years…so it is time.

Enjoy summer!