Monthly Archives: July 2013

reception is over, and summer is 1/2 over

Well, the reception turned out great.  Everyone had a good time, way more food then needed but then that is how it is always is with any event that I have.  The candy bar was a big hit with the kids but then when is candy not a kid’s favorite.

It is now July 23, so summer is 1/2 over.  The visit with Mary was great.  Danny and her went fishing and she caught her first trout.  We also worked on a project life album for the photos from last years trip to Wild Life Safari.

Got to go…enjoy the rest of July.


2 days to the reception…

Okay, I have been busy and really didn’t boot up my computer at home except to pay bills for about 2 weeks…just need a break from the computer after all the hours of work that I put in.  It’s now 2 days before the reception.  I have almost all the food purchased and have the baked beans almost completely baked, the potato salad started, but there is a ton more to do.  Danny has been wonderful, even though he has been feeling under the weather as he had food poisoning because of eating a bowl of cereal that had bad milk on it.   Well, back to work, I need to get the music ready for Saturday.