Monthly Archives: June 2013

19 days until the reception

Well now that major project is over and I am now back to what a normal life is…that is if I could figure out what a normal life is.  It’s now time to have the wedding reception that we didn’t have when we got married.  The invitations were mailed in May and now the reception is only 19 days away.  I still need to finish the Wedding photo album…and heck I keep forgetting to try and find some one to take photos so at this point, I may not have anyone taking photos.  I just have to remember…so, I guess the best thing to do is put an appointment in my calendar for tomorrow to make some phone calls.

Okay…this is the second entry for the month, maybe I will get another one posted this month but who knows since there are only 6 more days this month.

See you all soon!


June is almost half over, and I am finally posting

Well, June is almost over and I am finally getting to posting my first post in June.  The major project at the office is actually finally over and I had a heck of a weekend the first weekend of the month as I was implementing the new software.  I didn’t get much sleep.  Last week I spend catching up on missing sleep and this week I am back to normal work hours, no more the 60+ hours in a week.  I am taking off this weekend and we are going fishing at Walton’s lake.

Off to work now.