Monthly Archives: April 2013

The month is almost over…

Well the month is just about over.  It’s tomato plant season so the house has been full of tomato plants.  Danny has been busy selling plants.  We have two more weekends after this one before we are finished until next Spring.  It has been very warm for this time of year so Danny has had to water all of the plants almost everyday.  Before he started selling last weekend he had almost 2000 plants and he has sold just a little under half of them so that still leaves like 1000 plants to water everyday.  What a long day for him.


Tax day has come and gone

Hi everyone, As stated before I have been really busy with work.  It gets frustrating at times as I don’t get enough time to do things I want to to.  I have the best husband in the world.  He takes care of so many things for me when I am so overwhelmed with work.  It is now Danny’s busy season as the tomato plants are growing like crazy.  He know has over 450 staked and tied but there is still another 1000 plants to go.  He may start this weekend selling plants, if he doesn’t he will start the next weekend for sure.

Well, I am going to close now as I need to get some things done, and check on my husband as he headed to bed early tonight.

Love ya all.


we are almost 1/3 of the way through April

It is April 8 and we are basically 1/3 of the month is going. It hasn’t been very exiting this month unless you think a visit to the emergency room on Easter Sunday is exciting…then that was the last day of March so I started April off with 4 stitches in right little finger. It has slowed things down a bit but I had the stitches removed today so things are going to improve now. The finger already feels better, the stitches made the finger tender and it doesn’t seem so tender now. Well of to do some cropping or sleeping as I am tired tonight.