Project Life Kit (PL) Arrived

I finally broke down last week and ordered the Oliver Project Life kit that was on sale.  I only ordered the core kit and the patterned paper as I already had several empty 3 ring binders and well over the last several years I had picked up a variety of paper protectors from various companies.  No I don’t have any Becky Higgin’s page projectors yet, I just didn’t feel I could justify purchasing more page protectors right now when I have like ten packages of various types and sizes of page protectors that I could be using.  I have not opened the core box yet…for some reason I am scared.  Part of me wonders what did I get myself into.  I keep looking at the various post on numerous blogs about PL and think I can’t do this, I have no reason to track daily activities nor do I really have anything to write about on a weekly basis.  I started a K&Company Smash book months ago, it took me months before I actually broke down and wrote in the book.  I tried carrying it with me for a while but then it got put some place and I have moved since the last time I saw it.  I have a guess of where it is but why look for it since I wasn’t using it.  The silly thing is I also purchased a second Smash book to note wedding plans even though I had already made a beautiful book for wedding planning.

Okay, my issue is not just getting it done, it is the prints.  I hate spending the money on prints. I don’t know why.  I spend lots of money on the things to make mini albums but never the photos.  I know lately I haven’t been taking a lot of photos and well those that I have taken have been on my iPhone and who the heck knows how those actually turn out.  I did break down a few weeks ago and purchased a Simple Stories Snap album which is kind of like a mini project life book and I have managed to get a couple of layouts completed including photos so that is good.  I am trying to put together a book for my wonderful husband about the last year.  I thought it would be a get birthday gift for him to have a book of all the major activities we have done this last year…which ended with our wedding and wonderful honeymoon at Walt Disney World.  I would love to go back to WDW this year but we have concluded we need to wait a year before returning so we will return for our second anniversary.

Ending for now as I am going to actual open my Project Life core kit.  Here I come…lets make it happen.  🙂



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