Love my Cuttlebug and Bigshot

Well, in January I broke down an purchased the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug special that HSN had on. It arrived last Wednesday. So far I love it. It is easy to use and well I can use it on my ‘lap table’. My husband made me this great wooden table that sits over my lap when I am scrapbooking in my easy chair. I have a whole craft room but I never work in there as I love being in the living room with my husband and watching TV while I am working. I had a plastic tray that I got at Michael’s but it was just to flimsy to even try to use my paper punches on. As the table is made from like 3/4 inch plywood and the legs are made from like 2 x 2 and are solid across the bottom, it handles the weight of the Cuttlebug and load when using paper punches without any issue. It was great to be able to sit in my chair cut out some letters I needed for a project, set the cuttlebug to to the side and continue working on the project (and of course I had to re-cut some of the letters as I messed them up).

I still love my Bigshot but the issue with my Bigshot is that is is not the hand crank version. I have a Bigshot Express which is kind of like the pre-cursor to the Vagabond but not as cool or as strong. It requires power so that means if I want to use it I have to make sure I have a plug near by. It works great if I am trying to cut through chipboard or multiple layers of materials but it is a pain to use for something as just embossing a single card or cutting a few cardstock letters.

I also have 3 different electric die cutting machines and well they are a pain. So why did I get three different ones, well I won one, and got the other two as I liked the designs but they are sitting in the craft room on a shelf because I can’t get the Cricut Craftroom program to run on my one laptop and the other laptop is…well it has seen better days and will need replaced sometime this next year. So they sit. Maybe I will take some time to pull them out and cut some neat things to go into the wedding album that I need to get done.

Well enough for today, as I have to take off for now. Have a good day everyone.



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