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Project Life Kit (PL) Arrived

I finally broke down last week and ordered the Oliver Project Life kit that was on sale.  I only ordered the core kit and the patterned paper as I already had several empty 3 ring binders and well over the last several years I had picked up a variety of paper protectors from various companies.  No I don’t have any Becky Higgin’s page projectors yet, I just didn’t feel I could justify purchasing more page protectors right now when I have like ten packages of various types and sizes of page protectors that I could be using.  I have not opened the core box yet…for some reason I am scared.  Part of me wonders what did I get myself into.  I keep looking at the various post on numerous blogs about PL and think I can’t do this, I have no reason to track daily activities nor do I really have anything to write about on a weekly basis.  I started a K&Company Smash book months ago, it took me months before I actually broke down and wrote in the book.  I tried carrying it with me for a while but then it got put some place and I have moved since the last time I saw it.  I have a guess of where it is but why look for it since I wasn’t using it.  The silly thing is I also purchased a second Smash book to note wedding plans even though I had already made a beautiful book for wedding planning.

Okay, my issue is not just getting it done, it is the prints.  I hate spending the money on prints. I don’t know why.  I spend lots of money on the things to make mini albums but never the photos.  I know lately I haven’t been taking a lot of photos and well those that I have taken have been on my iPhone and who the heck knows how those actually turn out.  I did break down a few weeks ago and purchased a Simple Stories Snap album which is kind of like a mini project life book and I have managed to get a couple of layouts completed including photos so that is good.  I am trying to put together a book for my wonderful husband about the last year.  I thought it would be a get birthday gift for him to have a book of all the major activities we have done this last year…which ended with our wedding and wonderful honeymoon at Walt Disney World.  I would love to go back to WDW this year but we have concluded we need to wait a year before returning so we will return for our second anniversary.

Ending for now as I am going to actual open my Project Life core kit.  Here I come…lets make it happen.  🙂



I want to craft….

Well, today I did get a little cropping but not much as I was in bed trying to get over this viral infection and watching our doggy.  Mini, our doggy had surgery on Thursday to have a cancer tumor removed from her back hind quarter.  Maybe some tomorrow, but at some point, I will need to do my taxes.  Oh! well, life does on.

Tomorrow morning, Danny and I are having breakfast with Victoria and her boyfriend, Alex.  I guess we will be meeting Alex’s parents, so who knows what’s going on.  I guess things might be getting serious but I guess I won’t know until tomorrow morning.

This was not at all what I figured I would post about tonight when I decided to boot up the computer and start a post but this is what I ended up posting about.  LOL  For the life of me I can’t remember what I originally figured I would post about.  Boy this getting old stuff is for the birds.  🙂

Closing for now,  love ya all, Lanie

Love my Cuttlebug and Bigshot

Well, in January I broke down an purchased the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug special that HSN had on. It arrived last Wednesday. So far I love it. It is easy to use and well I can use it on my ‘lap table’. My husband made me this great wooden table that sits over my lap when I am scrapbooking in my easy chair. I have a whole craft room but I never work in there as I love being in the living room with my husband and watching TV while I am working. I had a plastic tray that I got at Michael’s but it was just to flimsy to even try to use my paper punches on. As the table is made from like 3/4 inch plywood and the legs are made from like 2 x 2 and are solid across the bottom, it handles the weight of the Cuttlebug and load when using paper punches without any issue. It was great to be able to sit in my chair cut out some letters I needed for a project, set the cuttlebug to to the side and continue working on the project (and of course I had to re-cut some of the letters as I messed them up).

I still love my Bigshot but the issue with my Bigshot is that is is not the hand crank version. I have a Bigshot Express which is kind of like the pre-cursor to the Vagabond but not as cool or as strong. It requires power so that means if I want to use it I have to make sure I have a plug near by. It works great if I am trying to cut through chipboard or multiple layers of materials but it is a pain to use for something as just embossing a single card or cutting a few cardstock letters.

I also have 3 different electric die cutting machines and well they are a pain. So why did I get three different ones, well I won one, and got the other two as I liked the designs but they are sitting in the craft room on a shelf because I can’t get the Cricut Craftroom program to run on my one laptop and the other laptop is…well it has seen better days and will need replaced sometime this next year. So they sit. Maybe I will take some time to pull them out and cut some neat things to go into the wedding album that I need to get done.

Well enough for today, as I have to take off for now. Have a good day everyone.


Wow…not a lot of office work this weekend

Hi all,

I actually have very little office work this weekend and most of it is already done.  I don’t have work on Monday as it is a holiday, so that is nice.  The hubby is feeling a little under the weather as he has caught a cold so we are just taking it easy.  Which means, I will actually get some scrapping done this weekend.  Maybe I can get the greenhouse finished (I hope), but I have some painting to do and that will have to dry before I can finish the assembly and add the mini album. Greenhouse pattern is from Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail (  While the paint is drying, I will try and get another page or two finished for the Simple Stories Snap book that I am making for hubby’s birthday.  🙂

Off to make some Chicken soup and then scrapping.

Love ya all.  Lanie

Just working way to many hours

Well, it has been about 1 1/2 weeks since my last post…so I figured it was about time to post again.  I have been working way to many hours for the last week or so.  I think things should slow down this week a little.  Right now I am planning on taking Thursday Valentines day Day off so I can spend the day with wonderful loving Husband.  I love Danny so very much. 🙂  I think we are going to go to the coast if it is a nice day.

I am going to close for now, as I would love to be able to get the Green House and the Bird House Mini Albums completed along with some photos for Danny for Valentine’s Day.  I know I am just wishfully thinking because I need to do some more painting for the Green House as I messed it up or the designer had the wrong measurements so I ended up having to pull things apart…or well maybe it was me who just didn’t get it put together correctly.  I was using the written instructions and not watching the video because I just don’t have the patience for the videos nor the will power to give up watching a good Hallmark movie while scrapbooking.

Off to do some more scrapbooking and maybe some painting.

Love you all, Lanie