Should I? or shouldn’t I?

Another update? Yes. Today is more of a think out loud post. I really haven’t gotten much done on the mini album I am working on, in fact, I think I am going to split it into two mini albums. There are a couple of reason for splitting the book:

1) I don’t think a 1 1/4″ Cinch binding wires are going to be large enough for all 12 pages and the goal of the project was to use my new Cinch.
2) I started with a 6 x 6 pad of paper which is really more fall colors then anything else and to me that just doesn’t work for most of the year.
3) By the time I am done the 24 sheets of paper in the one 6 x 6 pad will not be enough. I think I am going to be short about 4 sheets as I still have the cover to cover so I might have to open the second pad of paper to just finish the 6 pages. I am going to try and use some other paper I have but not sure I can get the colors to match.
4) As the card stock colors are move of fall colors, means that the additional 6 pages will also end up as a fall book and I really don’t have many fall photos to put into the book, anyone want a fall mini album?
5) I need to really start on the wedding gifts

I guess this might be another project that has parts that are not done, but that is how it goes at times. I think I will put the extra pages together in a bag along with the other fall colored 6 x 6 pads of paper that I was thinking of using and maybe some time this summer I will get time to work on the project.

Now that I covered the mini album, for the topic that was on my mind when I started this post. I am sure I am not the only one out there that has a heck of a time actually getting photos into any thing. I love making mini albums and have a basket full of them but no photos. I have boxes of printed photos but none really fit the mini albums I have created. I am thinking that maybe I should try Becky Higgin’s Project Life but I am worried it will just be another thing I don’t use. I already have several different kinds of page protectors but they all are still in their packages. If I do order a Project Life kit…which one should I order. Well more thought has to go into this…so I will end for now.

Have a good evening everyone!


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