Mini Album of the New Year

Okay. time to write an updated tonight.  The latest project is one that I designed.  I decided I had to design a project to I could use the new cinch that my husband bought me for Christmas.  So, I came up with the idea of making a book that has a a 6 x 6 cover and the inside of course would need to fit inside the covers and I wanted to use A2 cards and envelopes as my base.  Well that all sounded great and 6 pages is what I figured I would create…well out came the A2 cards and some cardstock and patterned paper.  The card stock was a brownish/reddish DCWV cardstock and the patterned paper was a 6 x 6 pad of Jillibean Soup Apple Cheddar soup.  Well then the planning that the work started.  The envelopes measure  4 3/8 x 5 3/4 and the cards are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, thus so far so good.  Now how to will I bind them together, well I figured a 1 inch flap would be great but I didn’t want to use an inch of the envelope for that flap as that would make the page area only 3 3/8 x 5 3/4, so now to make an extension.  I cut six 3″ x 5 3/4″ strips of card stock, scored 1/2″ from each side and down the middle.  Next fold in half and glued the 1″ flap together with liquid glue.  Why liquid glue, mainly because it holds great and it is cheaper then double sided tape and when punched through no sticky stuff to get stuck to the punch.  Let those dry.  Now looking at the color of cardstock and the patterned paper I just wasn’t getting a good go together feeling so now for more cardstock but that then meant tossing some of my binding strips and for what ever reason, I just can’t waste paper, so more pages and well how was I going to use this new mini album.  The additional cardstock is Paper Accents orange color, not sure of the technical color name but it is not a bright orange, but it goes great with the patterned paper.  Now the album with have 12 pages.  Maybe I will end up making a page for each month of the year even though the colors are move of all colors, we will see.  One of my down falls is I can’t seem to get photos in my albums.  I have a stack of mini albums but no photos.

Well enough for this post, and really should get back to work on the books as I have a stack of kits from Paper Phenomenon’s Kit of the Month club.  So far she has the best kits that I have ever purchased as far as getting enough supplied to complete the projects along with tutorials/instructions that can be followed without having to guess what is missing from the instructions.  Okay…they are actually not first in line for the next project as I have a neice and a nephew getting married later this year so I need to get their wedding gives completed.  My neice’s wedding is at the end of May and my Nephew’s is the middle of June so I should have plenty of time if I start soon.

Be creative!


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