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Quick update

Okay, work has keep me busy.  Last weekend was Mid-Winter Festival so I was out dancing for the week.  Between the two, I am just tired and need some sleep…so not much to report.  I do know I have some happy mail on the way as my Paper Phenomenon Kit Club was mailed today.  Yeah!

Off to get some rest now.


Happy Mail

Well, today I got happy mail as many of you refer to it as.  I got two packages.  My Stamp’in Up order and order.  The Stamp’in Up order was not large but it did have like six rolls of ribbon as I ordered a bunch of ribbon that was on clearance along with the Valentine stamp set that was on special.  I didn’t order much from Stamp’in Up as Sale-a-Bration started yesterday so I just ordered enough to get the $25 in for a punch on my rewards card.  I will place another order in a few weeks so that I can get at least one free item from the Sale-a-Bration sell.  The order was also a small order as it was 6 small (2×2) dies from Scrapping Cottage.  They are cute.  No these were not new purchases from those mentioned earlier in the week…they were part of the original addiction realization.

I also did give into the addiction today and ordered the HSN today’s special.  It was the Anna Griffin Cuttlebug.  Yes I have lots of die cut systems, but they are all electronic including my big shot.  I figure this one was manual and easier to take camping and fishing.  My husband loves to go fishing and if it was like last year, the fishing was terrible so I spend the time in the trailer scrapbooking.  I got a full mini album made and another started.  I love my husband.  He is so understanding about my scrapbooking addiction.

Got to end for the night as I want to get some cropping done.  Happy scrapping.  Lanie

Addiction update

Okay after worrying most of the night as I usually keep a better eye on what I have spend on crafting supplies, I realized that the Quicken was not showing the returns that happened, some as a result of me deciding to return the items and the major ones where I was seriously overcharged and they had to do the return in a separate transaction.  I also had purchased a light for the living room to go over my chair so that I could actually see what I was doing…it is a very nice Ottlite, so that is where a nice chunk of what the expense was for.  So I feel better, but at I have learned that I must watch the budget carefully as I really should not spend as much on supplies.  I really need to use what I have up.


well…I have a serious addiction.

Okay, today I was updating my banking information in Quicken, and well it was showing my monthly expenses…and I sure had an eye opener for the month. I have spend almost as much in scrapbooking supplies this month as in my house payment. I have to change this and put myself on a budget when it comes to scrapbooking. I need to put the money away for another trip to Disney World or at least pay off the bills and the house first. So now to figure out what the budget has to be.

I guess the first thing I need to do is give up all of the clubs that I am involved in or at least reduce the number as right now have 3 different club memberships and that auto pilot thing to the craft stores has to come to an end. I must I must use my supplied!!! and my tools.

Well, ending now, will figure it out and let you all know how it is going.


Should I? or shouldn’t I?

Another update? Yes. Today is more of a think out loud post. I really haven’t gotten much done on the mini album I am working on, in fact, I think I am going to split it into two mini albums. There are a couple of reason for splitting the book:

1) I don’t think a 1 1/4″ Cinch binding wires are going to be large enough for all 12 pages and the goal of the project was to use my new Cinch.
2) I started with a 6 x 6 pad of paper which is really more fall colors then anything else and to me that just doesn’t work for most of the year.
3) By the time I am done the 24 sheets of paper in the one 6 x 6 pad will not be enough. I think I am going to be short about 4 sheets as I still have the cover to cover so I might have to open the second pad of paper to just finish the 6 pages. I am going to try and use some other paper I have but not sure I can get the colors to match.
4) As the card stock colors are move of fall colors, means that the additional 6 pages will also end up as a fall book and I really don’t have many fall photos to put into the book, anyone want a fall mini album?
5) I need to really start on the wedding gifts

I guess this might be another project that has parts that are not done, but that is how it goes at times. I think I will put the extra pages together in a bag along with the other fall colored 6 x 6 pads of paper that I was thinking of using and maybe some time this summer I will get time to work on the project.

Now that I covered the mini album, for the topic that was on my mind when I started this post. I am sure I am not the only one out there that has a heck of a time actually getting photos into any thing. I love making mini albums and have a basket full of them but no photos. I have boxes of printed photos but none really fit the mini albums I have created. I am thinking that maybe I should try Becky Higgin’s Project Life but I am worried it will just be another thing I don’t use. I already have several different kinds of page protectors but they all are still in their packages. If I do order a Project Life kit…which one should I order. Well more thought has to go into this…so I will end for now.

Have a good evening everyone!

Mini Album of the New Year

Okay. time to write an updated tonight.  The latest project is one that I designed.  I decided I had to design a project to I could use the new cinch that my husband bought me for Christmas.  So, I came up with the idea of making a book that has a a 6 x 6 cover and the inside of course would need to fit inside the covers and I wanted to use A2 cards and envelopes as my base.  Well that all sounded great and 6 pages is what I figured I would create…well out came the A2 cards and some cardstock and patterned paper.  The card stock was a brownish/reddish DCWV cardstock and the patterned paper was a 6 x 6 pad of Jillibean Soup Apple Cheddar soup.  Well then the planning that the work started.  The envelopes measure  4 3/8 x 5 3/4 and the cards are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, thus so far so good.  Now how to will I bind them together, well I figured a 1 inch flap would be great but I didn’t want to use an inch of the envelope for that flap as that would make the page area only 3 3/8 x 5 3/4, so now to make an extension.  I cut six 3″ x 5 3/4″ strips of card stock, scored 1/2″ from each side and down the middle.  Next fold in half and glued the 1″ flap together with liquid glue.  Why liquid glue, mainly because it holds great and it is cheaper then double sided tape and when punched through no sticky stuff to get stuck to the punch.  Let those dry.  Now looking at the color of cardstock and the patterned paper I just wasn’t getting a good go together feeling so now for more cardstock but that then meant tossing some of my binding strips and for what ever reason, I just can’t waste paper, so more pages and well how was I going to use this new mini album.  The additional cardstock is Paper Accents orange color, not sure of the technical color name but it is not a bright orange, but it goes great with the patterned paper.  Now the album with have 12 pages.  Maybe I will end up making a page for each month of the year even though the colors are move of all colors, we will see.  One of my down falls is I can’t seem to get photos in my albums.  I have a stack of mini albums but no photos.

Well enough for this post, and really should get back to work on the books as I have a stack of kits from Paper Phenomenon’s Kit of the Month club.  So far she has the best kits that I have ever purchased as far as getting enough supplied to complete the projects along with tutorials/instructions that can be followed without having to guess what is missing from the instructions.  Okay…they are actually not first in line for the next project as I have a neice and a nephew getting married later this year so I need to get their wedding gives completed.  My neice’s wedding is at the end of May and my Nephew’s is the middle of June so I should have plenty of time if I start soon.

Be creative!

…almost impossible for me to get anything posted

Hi all,

When I started up this blog several months ago, I figured that I would really be able to put in blog update every couple or days or so.  At that point in time, I was able to connect to the blog from my day time job…the job that pays the bills, but well for some reason when I try and connect now I can’t get logged in so I can post anything.  Yes I could post from my iPhone but it takes so long to actually type in anything that I find that not very efficient.  I think there is a way that I can send an email as a post to the blog but I haven’t had time to figure that out.  So it is now after the New Year and we are almost half way through the month and this is the first time that I have taken the time to sit down and actually create a post.  Well….I guess I just have to keep trying and maybe eventually I will get an update in a couple times a week.

So, I have found that making large goals that are hard to obtain means that I just setting myself up for failure and no one wants to fail.  As that is what has happened with me wanting to post a couple of times a week, it is time to make a different goal that might be more obtainable at this time.  So the new goal for now is:  I need to post at least 2 post a month.  So this is the first for this month.  Now to make sure I get another post in later this month.  Maybe over the next couple of months, I will get not only some text posted but some information about myself and the blessings of the last year.  GOD was very good to me 🙂

Love you all.  Lanie